Coming Soon



Coming “Schooner”…:

Children’s books

  • John Churchmouse: A mildly musical narrative poem)
  • Chaax and the Raven: A tale based on Tlingit lore
  • A “Cinderfella” novel for older children

Art projects

  • Pandagrams: Pensive Pandas (Set 2): A clever and comical collection of panda pictures and postcards. Set 1 available now!

…or Later:

  • The Flight and Plight of a Spoon (working title): A tongue-in-cheek children’s bedtime story for young adults
  • The Bowling Otters of Cairabac Calcobh (working title): An illustrated children’s book
  • Medieval fantasy novel series
  • Opera adaptation of The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott (A long fermata floats over this one.)


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