July News

First, happy Independence Day! Hope you had a good one. Mine was spread across 2 days — I threw an ice cream float party for people at work on the 4th and went to a concert & fireworks on the 5th. (If you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to a root beer float, try an orange float — orange soda with vanilla ice cream and/or orange sherbet.)

Second, I’ve made a few changes to streamline this website & make navigation a little easier. The first change you might notice is the sidebar menu. It’s now shorter and has interactive options. Every menu item on the left is a link to its own page; several of them also display sub-pages when you mouse over them. I’ve also changed a few pages names, which I think will be clearer for people navigating the site: 

  • “For ‘Sail'” is now “Ship Shop.”
    • I’m in the process of making a subpage for art sales. The main Ship Shop page will be for books, note cards, etc.
    • I researched more about monetizing my website and adding e-commerce functions (shopping cart, check out), but at this time, it still makes more sense for me to keep it as is. If anyone wants to purchase something, just contact me. Payment can be completed through PayPal & check (or cash if we’re in person). 
  • “Port of Call” is now “Home Port.”
    • This change is to make the home page more apparent. Plus, as much as I enjoy the mystique and adventure of  the phrase “port of call,” as far as definitions go, “home port” makes more sense. 
  • “Otaku Corner” (basically a landing point for anime conventions) is now “Comics Corner.”
    • Fans of anime & manga will recognize the term otaku, but “Comics Corner” is more understandable to a wider audience. (“Otaku Corner” was a working title until I came up with something better anyhow.) Bonus points for alliteration.

I’m making some changes to individual pages as well. Some sport a nifty function to hide & show text. Next time I’ll share a little bit about how I put together an art show for a huge community event my workplace gave on Sunday.

Presidential Cabinets: Part V

Welcome to the final installment of the Presidential Cabinets series.

The last thing to work on was the 2 large refrigerator panels, which I did solo. At this point, I think you have the basic process down–basic shapes, basic values (light & dark), development, details–so just enjoy the evolution without excessive explanation.

And a close-up of the robin.

Here are snapshots of the final panels all around the kitchen.

Plums, Genevieve Bergeson; apples, Marissa Bunting.

Peaches & figs, Marissa.

Persimmons & pears, Genevieve; strawberries (top right), Marissa; lavender & fridge (grapes, roses), Genevieve.

If you have any questions about any part of this endeavor, please leave a comment below. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this project progress.

Presidential Cabinets: Part IV

What’s more exciting than another post about the cabinet project? Using my new WiFi router & speedier internet to post the post!

Last time, I wrote about starting to paint the fruit by blocking in the basic shapes. This time, you see more development and details.

After starting my persimmons & plums, I worked on a pair of pear panels. (One of the pear panels portrays is a pair of pairs, and the other a pared pear.

I promise that not all my panels began with the letter p–but it came close. One panel has a sprig of lavender, but it used to be a pussy willow. I also painted the 2 fridge panels, which has roses and grapes. It might be argued that they are purple grapes and pink roses, but at least the plants themselves don’t start with p. (But “plant” does — alors!)

The president’s wife specially requested that we paint some “surprises”–little animals and such, which I did. First two little birds among the plum branches.

Then I painted three paper kite butterflies on the persimmon panel. As you will see in the next & final post in this series, I incorporated the same species of butterfly and another bird into the refrigerator panels to help unify the kitchen.

Presidential Cabinets: Part III

If you haven’t yet read the first two posts in this series, here are quick links: Part I and Part II.

Once the cabinets had their base coats, it was time to start painting. We used acrylic paints. Very practically, Marissa started on one side of the kitchen and I in the corner so we didn’t bump elbows, water cups, or ladder legs against each other’s. First we sketched designs on the panels, which presented its own challenges due to scale and the presence of the picture planes directly, vertically parallel in front of us rather than on a desk in front of us. But we did it and overcame our hesitation to finally commit the paintbrush and lay down that paint.

Generally we first painted the branches. Second, basic shapes of fruit and leaves. Then we worked on shaping dimensions & values (light & dark) and details.  (It sounds very brief when worded that way, but remember that this project extended over several panels and months.) Persimmons below.

Marissa and I planned the placement of colors based on the lighting. This corner panel received the least amount of light, so we decided a brighter, bolder color (orange) should go in that corner to help lighten it (or, on the other hand, because it wouldn’t be as negatively affected by the dimmer lighting). At first, because we had only painted 2 panels, the hue looked almost too bright (traffic-stopping orange), but that effect decreased as we painted more cabinets with bright colors and I developed the persimmons.

To get an idea of how the paintings progressed, here is a series of pictures of my plum panel. First the branch, then tiny blossoms, then fruit. (Serendipitously, I painted a lot of Ps — persimmons, plums, pears, and a pussy willow spring, but the pussy willow was vetoed, and a sprig of lavender took its place.) There were further changes and additions to this panel, but I will save those for a later time. (Note: I started the plums on a different visit from our first day painting fruit.)

Here’s what the kitchen looked like after our first day painting fruit. (Left, Marissa’s apples. Right, Genevieve’s persimmons.)

Special Recognition: LST Animals 2018

This week, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announced the results of its May 2018 “Animals” contest, and my oil painting, Bluesy Coda, was accepted in Special Recognition in the Paintings & Other Media category! (Special Recognition is a subcategory different from the overall Special Merit category.) More than 700 pieces of art were submitted. Be sure to browse the exhibit — there are many fine pictures.


Animals 2018 Exhibition main page: www.lightspacetime.art/animals-art-exhibition-may-2018-2/

Painting & Other Media page: www.lightspacetime.art/animals-2018-art-exhibition-painting-other-media-category/

(Scroll down to find a puppy you might recognize. Artwork is arranged alphabetically by the artists’ surnames, so it’s near the top of the “Special Recognition Artists” section.)

LST’s Youtube page, which has video slideshows of all the exhibition categories: www.youtube.com/user/LightSpaceTime