IMPORTANT: DO NOT buy Racing Pajamas on Amazon

Please do not purchase Racing Pajamas (Kindle Edition) from Amazon.

For some time I have made print editions of Racing Pajamas and Cartage, as well as a Kindle Edition of Racing Pajamas, available for purchase on I had deactivated the listing for the print editions while I moved, but not the Kindle RP because the payment and delivery was entirely digital. Yesterday, I realized I hadn’t reactivated them. When I went to do that, I discovered that I am now “not authorized” to access my own account. I called Amazon today and learned that my Amazon seller account had been permanently closed — without notification — due to “dormancy.” (Research informed me that I am not the only seller to experience this–if you sell on Amazon, you may wish to check your account. This is different from a buyer account.)

However, the RP eBook is still active on Amazon. (I tested this today and, yes, it can still be purchased.) Please do not buy RP from Amazon since I no longer have any guarantee that the funds will come to me. I have emailed Amazon support to have the item removed entirely from the database.

I am grateful to those of you who share my books and art with others by word of mouth. As you continue to share, please take note that none my works are (or will be) available on Amazon any more. If you meet anyone interested in purchasing any of my books, Pandagrams, & other items, please have them contact me directly. I will also resume thinking about how I might monetize my website so that people could order directly online.

Thank you.

Website Transfer Notice

In the next week or two, I plan to transfer this website’s hosting service from one provider to another, so there may be periods when both the site and my corresponding email address (“pharos@draws…”) will not be available. There will not be any email/blog updates during that time, either.


Today’s post features a drawing I completed for a gentleman who works Food Services at my new workplace. It was one of the best kinds of commissions:

“Will you draw me something?”

“Sure. What would you like me to draw?”

“Anything you want.”

The subject matter should come as no surprise.


The vessel depicted is modeled on the bilander, a Dutch merchant ship. I believe they were constructed during the 17th century. Bilanders are fairly small (as most merchant ships are) and bare two masts, one of which (the main mast) is rigged with a lateen sail (the angled one). This drawing was finished quickly compared to other recent commissions. I kept it fairly simple and sketchy–and tried not to get caught up in the rigging!