Studio Space

Before jumping into the main topic of this post, first, thank you to everyone who attended the art show reception a week and a half ago. It was fun to see you! (And spy on those who did not notice the screen.) From what I saw out of my little digital window into Town & Country, it seemed like a decent turn-out. Gradually I’ll add images of artwork from the show to the various web galleries here.

Second, thank you to my brother for his recent tech help on my website.

As some of you know, I’m in temporary housing for 3 months at my new job. Consequently I’m learning to economize on studio space.

The room is somewhat narrow, so this corner is the best space for the project table; if it were anywhere else, I couldn’t sit at the desk or open the closet, dresser, and bathroom doors without bumping into it. There’s about a foot of space between the arm of the chair and the table, so most of the time I just sit on the arm. I can do small drawings on the desk. The lighting isn’t that great. Sometimes the sunlight comes in nicely through the window during the day, but I’m often at work then, so I’m making do with what I have. I’ve been putting sketchbooks, rulers, paint caddies, etc., under the table to keep the table top as clutter-free as possible.

I’m trying to find the balance between work, chores, art, carillon practice, etc., but I’ve managed to paint a little. I’m revisiting a character from an oil painting I did in high school. She’ll look more cartoony this time around. I’ve done several color studies in watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil. Here are the 2 I like the best (left one wins). As usual, click to enlarge.


And the painting from high school:

Show Set-up + Sneak Peek

As promised, here are some photographs from the week of March 27th (when we set up the art show now on display). I suppose it’s not quite correct to call this a sneak peek since the show is already open to the public, but for those of you who have not yet attended or won’t be able to attend, this is your informal viewing time. Only parts of main 2 rooms are shown below. The show itself spans four rooms, or, rather, two regular rooms, a small lobby-like room, and a wall in another room. As usual, click the thumbnails to enlarge the images.


Working on it:


Almost after:

I say “almost after” because “after” alone implies everything was finished in these photos, which isn’t the case. While most of the show was hung on the 27th, a few pieces were hung the next day or later in the week. The lighting was also adjusted and labels put next to the artwork.

All artwork is by Genevieve Bergeson, Kayleigh K. Mayes, and Nick Trapp.

Art Show Information

What: Principia Alumni Artist Showcase

Where: Longview Farm House, 13525 Clayton Rd., Town and Country, MO 63141

When: Monday, April 3 (tomorrow!), through Friday, May 26. Gallery hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM to noon. Other times by appointment (call Lindsey Hodge at 314-587-2838).

Reception:  Thursday, April 13, 5 to 7 PM (next week)

As said in my last update, I will eventually post photos from last Monday & Tuesday (when the show was hung). Also, you may have received another email with this information; some of the website plug-ins blipped while I was working on this. Please excuse the technological confusion. This is the correct update.

March 2017 Updates

Today Nick, Kayleigh, and I started hanging our art show. The lay of the land (that is, the layout of the art) is determined and all but a scant few pieces are hanging. Tomorrow I’ll finish my parts (1 more piece to hang and most of them to straighten). I’ll post some before and after pictures later on, likely next week or weekend since I am moving to New Jersey this weekend. 

I will also post a reminder of about the show’s start length, location, etc.

Because of the move, I have temporarily suspended my Amazon listings for Racing Pajamas and Cartage, but you can still order them by contacting me.

I am also researching a new subscription client. (I get a lot of spam email addresses added to my pending subscriptions list even though I removed the subscribe button from the Subscribe web page.) That won’t affect your (the audience’s end) much–likely just some visual changes–but I will keep you posted about a switch.

Steam Greenlight: Detective Butler 1

Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder, a mystery visual novel by Goldbar Games, is on Steam Greenlight! If you know anyone that plays video games via Steam, please encourage them to check out Detective Butler and vote. Here is the link.…

Although I was not involved with the development of this installment of Detective Butler, I am doing sprite (character) art for the second installment. The team would like to get DB1 on Steam before we Greenlight DB2.

Note for my less game-savvy readers: Basically, Steam is a service that makes video games available on the computer, including many independently developed games. Greenlighting is a way to advertise & add new games; if there is enough interest (based on the votes of account-holders), they will be made available on Steam.