About the Artist

Genevieve Bergeson has been creating art longer than she can remember. She enjoys playing with a variety of media–pencils, paints, markers, you name it. Favorite subjects include people, animals, nature, and nautica. Literary and musical ideas often weave their way into her works. Be sure to check out Pandagrams, a series of pandas engaged in adorable antics. Watch out! Wordplay will ensue.

In 2012, Genevieve published her first book, Racing Pajamas and later collaborated with MusicLearningCommunity.com on Terry Treble Music Adventures. Her second book, Cartage: A Graphic Short Story, is an experimental genre merging literary short fiction and the graphic novel. She continues to work on other stories and artwork independently and on commission.

Skim the Captain’s Log to learn about recent projects and events.

Behind the Name — Pharos @ Draws the Eventide

The Pharos was the lighthouse at Alexandria, Egypt. Constructed in the 3rd century, it was the youngest of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Pharology is the study of lighthouses. The website name draws on hymn lyrics and the name of the sailboat Genevieve grew up with (Eventide).


Commissions & Services

Genevieve accepts commissions of all kinds. The sky is the limit! Having been a writing instructor, she also provides a variety of English and editorial services. To learn more, contact Genevieve directly.

Disclaimer: This is a family-owned business. I am a living woman, and I do this business with love and in good faith. All people that do business–private trade, not “commerce”–with me do so at their own risk and shall do it knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally .