Terry Treble

Terry Treble Music Adventures is a charming series of children’s books featuring Terry Treble of MusicLearningCommunity.com and illustrated by Genevieve Bergeson. Join Terry and pals as they play and learn basic music concepts!

Terry Treble and Letter H Write Music. Determined to find a way to save music so people can play the same music again and again, Terry and his friends experiment: How can you write musical notes on paper?
Terry Treble Finds the Beat. Once Terry and his friends develop a way to write musical notes, new questions arise: How can you show how long a note should sound? Can music keep time?

Interested in a copy? Contact Genevieve directly at pharos@drawstheeventide.com. This is especially recommended for special requests, e.g., personalized messages. 

Cost: $10 each + postage

One thought on “Terry Treble

  1. Genevieve says:

    I had two primary aims in creating the art for Terry Treble Music Adventures:

    1. To capture the spark of childhood discovery, for instance, by making the illustrations look like a child could have done it (bright colors, outlines, and the cartoon style). Look well–you might find some surprises!

    2. To design and portray two-dimensional characters that could interact in a three-dimensional world, like a playground, and portray figures on a two-dimensional plane, such as a sheet of music.

    And to have a little fun, of course.

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