Terry Treble

Terry Treble Music Adventures: A charming series of children’s books featuring Terry Treble of MusicLearningCommunity.com. Join Terry and pals as they play and learn basic music concepts!

Terry Treble and Letter H Write Music. Determined to find a way to save music so people can play the same music again and again, Terry and his friends experiment: How can you write musical notes on paper?
Terry Treble Finds the Beat. Once Terry and his friends develop a way to write musical notes, new questions arise: How can you show how long a note should sound? Can music keep time?

Interested in a copy?

Cost: $9.97 ea. + shipping (sales tax may apply)
You can order the books directly from me or through MusicLearningCommunity.com. Download & complete the order form, located under the blue title “Terry Treble Books are Here!”

Note: If you wish to pay with a credit card, you will need to use the order form. If you wish to pay with a check, you can purchase either through MLC or me.

One thought on “Terry Treble

  1. Genevieve says:

    I had two primary aims in creating the art for Terry Treble Music Adventures:

    1. To capture the spark of childhood discovery, for instance, by making the illustrations look like a child could have done it (bright colors, outlines, and the cartoon style). Look well–you might find some surprises!

    2. To design and portray two-dimensional characters that could interact in a three-dimensional world, like a playground, and portray figures on a two-dimensional plane, such as a sheet of music.

    And to have a little fun, of course.

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