March 2017 Updates

Today Nick, Kayleigh, and I started hanging our art show. The lay of the land (that is, the layout of the art) is determined and all but a scant few pieces are hanging. Tomorrow I’ll finish my parts (1 more piece to hang and most of them to straighten). I’ll post some before and after pictures later on, likely next week or weekend since I am moving to New Jersey this weekend. 

I will also post a reminder of about the show’s start length, location, etc.

Because of the move, I have temporarily suspended my Amazon listings for Racing Pajamas and Cartage, but you can still order them by contacting me.

I am also researching a new subscription client. (I get a lot of spam email addresses added to my pending subscriptions list even though I removed the subscribe button from the Subscribe web page.) That won’t affect your (the audience’s end) much–likely just some visual changes–but I will keep you posted about a switch.