Antiquated Faces

Here is a handful of human heads hewn and hatched by my hand. In short, ’tis a sample smattering of several singers to stage my sometimes serious and simultaneously silly script.

In shorter, for those interesting in The Antiquary, here are rough sketches I did of several characters. Roll arrow over for “flavor text.”

Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella
Isabella Wardour

Jon Oldie but goodie
Jonathan Oldbuck
(The Antiquary)

William Lovel

 Sir Arthur is not a good warder.
Sir Arthur Wardour

He's blue, daba di daba dai.
A Whigged Tory

Miz Griz
Griselda Oldbuck

Clint Eastwouldn't
Lord Geraldin
(Earl of Glenallan)

It was Lady Joscelind in the hall with the candlestick...
Professor Profile

Miss Mary Mac
Mary M’Intyre

 Uh huh.
An Unimpressed Young Lady