April Art Adventures

After wrapping up things from the convention a couple weeks ago, I conducted a little business research (mobile credit card readers, online marketing & sales, etc.), to see how I could keep improving things. Then I resumed work on previous projects I’ve mentioned–Aerth (board game) and Detective Butler (visual novel), for instance. Now that I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, I am thinking about how to incorporate a few other projects–one new book collaboration and two other stories that really ought to come off the backburner–in a balanced way. This might end up being as simple as giving each one 15 minutes of attention a day (because once I commit that little amount of time, it’s easier to continue longer or to stop if it feels forced), or maybe alternate projects every day. At the same time, I sometimes feel that by spreading out so many projects at once, very little progress is made on all fronts. Game plan to be determined.

If you have not yet read about my adventures at Kawa Kon 2016, click here to read that post. (Or if you are already on the Captain’s Log page, scroll down 1 post.)

For my next post, I’m thinking about writing an explanation of how I design tiles for Aerth. A couple people have also been interested in a compendium of all the little things I’ve hid in Cartage. Is there anything you would like to see or to read about? Feel free to share your ideas by commenting below.