Convention Pictures (Nov. 2016)

As promised, here is a selection of drawings and photographs from the anime convention. First, a peek behind the scenes at my booth. You can see how I secretly stored my drawing supplies to keep the display tidy. I also brought a clipboard so I could draw on my lap. It proved useful.


Now for some drawings!

Himura Kenshin Sailor sketch Sailor

Left to right: Himura Kenshin (from Rurouni Kenshin), sailor sketch, sailor in color. I drew the sailor as a thank-you to another artist at the convention for a drawing he gave me. I changed the expression for the final drawing–determined and ready for adventure!

Afton Elethea Meliodas

Left to right: Afton (original character) Elethea (original character), Meliodas (from Nanatsu no Taizai).

This is my favorite photograph from the convention. The drawing is a Pokémon spoof on Mozilla Firefox. The plush toy and the Pokémon in the drawing are both Flareon, a fire-dog creature. I talked with the plushie owner a lot over the weekend. (She stopped by my booth every day). On the last day, she had the little Flareon with her. Picture-perfect.