Cutie Fruity Halloween

Happy Halloween from my art studio and my fridge.

Secret ingredients: Clementines & a black permanent marker.

  • Back row (L to R): Cute jack-o’-lantern, sitting cat, pumpkin, grinning jack-o’-lantern
  • Middle row: Standing cat, turtle, stars & moon, mouse & cheese, witch & cauldron
  • Front row: bats, pirate jack-o’-lantern, treasure map, baby-tooth jack-o’-lantern

One thing is certain: it’s significantly cleaner than pumpkin carving!

2 thoughts on “Cutie Fruity Halloween

  1. Dad says:

    Definitely much cleaner and less chance of unwanted sharp object punctures!

    Neat and Cute!

    Also no fire hazard.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Lots of love and trick or treaters!


  2. Evelyn Bicknese says:

    What fun you had! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Sending much love to you! Evelyn

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