Dabbling in December

Warm wishing and wishing warm to you!

Well (wishing well?), we’re a week into December, and things are moving along bit by bit, sometimes dashing, sometimes dawdling, but mostly delightful and doodling. And admiring the artistry of Christmas decorations!

Newsflash: I have been accepted to participate in the Artists’ Alley at Kawa-Kon, a St. Louis anime convention in March! This will be my first time in an Artist Alley venue. Incidentally, Kawa-Kon was the first (and only) anime convention I attended. Plans include Pandagrams and the debut of my graphic short story (remember, “graphic,” here is “visual” not “gory”), Cartage.

So let’s return to our pre-holiday dashes, dawdles, and doodles, as the case may be, and enjoy our December-y daily lives. And whether you’re out and about or cozy at home, take a closer look at your Christmas decorations. A good, long look. You just might find something admirable, new, inspiring. Then draw it from memory.

Just kidding. But do have a look.