Frame Restoration II

Mid-November I started restoring old wooden frames I received from my great-uncle. I’ve worked on the same thick, heavy first frame on and off since then, sometimes a little every days, sometimes a little every three days. How’s this for showing your true colors?


Remember this? It was pretty green–or not so pretty green–last time you saw it. I had to sand off a lot more of the coating than I had hoped would be necessary, but it was important to get as much gunk off as possible. I will have to research whether I need to apply a primer or lacquer to the exposed wood, or if the metallic elements in gold-leaf paint are sufficient protection. 1 frame down (the worst of the lot), 4 to go!

In other news, I got proof copies of Cartage (graphic short story) from the printer last week. I have a few final edits to make, and then the print run begins. Stay tuned for celebratory news in February!