Marching Along

Hmm. Judging by the title, the Art Walks may be done, but wordplay and references to foot travel persist. So be it. I have updates on three projects this month: a long-term one, a medium-term one, and short-term one.

Long-term: Recently I finished illustrations for a Biblical children’s book. It is a retelling of an Old Testament story. After the author and I wrap things up, I will share more.

Medium-term: A few months ago, an illustration project I completed for a client a few years ago fell through. In short, after long absences, the client completely rewrote the story, so the illustrations no longer fit. I have been thinking about how to use them for a book of my own. More on that, too, when things are further along.

I have posted some of the art before, so if you would like to see any, either visit the Illustration gallery (after the Racing Pajamas illustrations) or, for some different images, including in-process work, search for “goats” in the site search bar.

Short-term: A special lady who has has served the organization where I work is retiring from the board. She has served with overflowing love and joy in many capacities over multiple decades. This drawing was part of her send-off and thank-you gifts.

5 thoughts on “Marching Along

  1. Evelyn Bicknese says:

    Love the art work and the reason for it. Wonderful!

  2. Jon Bergeson says:

    Hi, Genevieve.

    You do keep busy! I like the new drawings, or at least new to me, that you posted. The Aerth tile game looks / sounds interesting.

    Very nice retirement drawing. I like the bright colors and the joy and happiness you captured in it.

    I look forward to more about your long-and-mid-term projects.

    I checked out your Pinterest artwork. I did not recall you mentioning that before.

    I tried the Artfinder link a couple of time and received this message: Oops! Page not found.

    Happy spring! Happy art work!!

    Lots of love,


    • Thanks.

      I created the Pinterest account maybe 10 years ago as a “bread upon the waters,” hands-off attempt at spreading awareness of my art, letting people do the sharing via pins. I don’t refer people to it since I have never actively used it. At the least, it might have helped a woman find me once to let me know someone else had unlawfully used one of my Pandagrams in a design in an online shop.

      I deleted my Artfinder account a few years ago & removed it from my contact page. Glad you mentioned it since I hadn’t thought to search for links in old posts. I put a note about the deletion in the post where you found the link.

  3. Evelyn Hollister Bicknese says:

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

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