Black and white and fun all over!

Set 1: Plainly Pandas includes Butterfly, Rocking, Calligraphy, Pandaikon, & Frying Panda.

Set 2: Pensive Pandas includes Ponda, Ponderous, Pandara’s Box, Poohnda, & Bamboozled.

Set 3: In development. It will feature pandas from around the world, including Japanda (Japan), Pandamonium (American West), and Monsieur Panda (France).

Examples of custom Pandagram commissions are at the end of the images below. Have pun and enjoy!

Purchasing Pandagrams

Stationery of the sets is available on the For “Sail” page. Panda packs contain 5 cards plus a cover card and are $5 per pack. Pindas (pin-back buttons) and stickers are available for all non-commissioned/non-custom designs. Pindas are $2 each, and stickers are 25 cents each. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of the little Pandagram paintings, I sell at conventions, please contact me. Sizes range approximately 2.5″ to 6″ square or rectangular. (I cannot guarantee stock/availability of all designs, but I can paint one to order.)

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