Preview of Upcoming Posts

My internet connection has been running a little slowly, so instead of a full-out technicolor artistic update, I’m giving you a preview of some upcoming post topics once things are literally more up to speed.

  1. The newest iteration of Pandagrams — Pindas! (Panda pinback buttons)
  2. Painting cabinets. (This is not what you think & is more exciting than it sounds.) A friend and I are decoratively painting cabinets in an important location at the foundation where we work. This will comprise multiple posts.

In addition to these projects, I continue to work on artwork for two games and have also started a sizeable art/graphic design project for a local church.

Hope you’re enjoying the Olympics!

2 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Posts

  1. Evelyn says:

    Sounds like very creative and satisfying projects. Enjoy.

  2. Wally dingee says:

    Joy and I will look forward to details on your latest work.

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