Princeton Art Bazaar 2023 Recap

Hello, world. This is Ella (Genevieve’s cat). Genevieve was so busy preparing for and tidying up after the art fair that I thought I’d help by writing about it for her.

It was more than a year since her last fair, so she decided to test everything again. One day all the furniture began to move, and my whole upstairs changed.

Where are my chairs? What’s this net for? Yummy fishies?

Since my chairs are gone, I’ll lie on this. (Art portfolio.)

Oh, she hangs pictures on the fishnet. She was very happy to discover she can fold up the tent and store it in its bag with the net still attached. She can save set-up time in the future!

Yay, I found some of my chairs. One side is just as good as the other.

Is this table sturdy enough? I’ll test it.

Seems okay. I’ll check the other side.

It’s good! I apply the stretchy seal of approval.

Genevieve kept putting all this stuff on the floor & moving it around. I guess to figure out how it should look.

After coming up with the setup, she put the tables away, but she still wasn’t done. She had to figure out spring cleaning clearance pricing and groupings. We looked at lots of pictures together.

The beach? I think you’ll sell that one. (She did.)

The shoe? Maybe you shouldn’t bring that. (She didn’t.)

An open bin! Is it big enough? Did you pack everything? Can I fit?

She did not let me go outside while she packed the car, so she’ll take over writing the post now.

Thank you, Ella. As you can see, art fairs always take a lot of time to prepare, but gratefully everything carried off without a hitch. What’s more, I have settled on a booth layout that I like and will keep, so I don’t have to repeat the furniture and tent escapades.

The bazaar went very well. The weather was beautiful (especially after a week of rain), there was a good turn-out, and I am satisfied on the sales front. I’m pleased to have sold 3 somewhat larger paintings and several smaller items (and to have a little bit more storage space). More important than the sales, though, are the good conversations I had with people who perused my booth, even if they didn’t buy anything. It is interesting and fulfilling to hear what people find meaningful and special about the artwork.

5 thoughts on “Princeton Art Bazaar 2023 Recap

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    I am glad that the weather was cooperative !! for the Art Bazaar.

    What a fun post. Thank you Ella for your great narrative and photos!!

    Maybe a co-authored book in the future, too?

    Thank you for sharing the description of the planning process. It shows how much is involved to prepare for a bazaar or fair. I have much more appreciation for the folks whose booths we walked through in G-bury and elsewhere for art and craft shows over the years.

    Congratulations on your sales, too. That is very nice after all the work to plan your booth for the bazaar along with the work to create all the items you display.

    Have a great week.

    Lots of love,


  2. Evelyn Hollister Bicknese says:

    Wow! how wonderful..

    Such fun seeing your cat and your work.

    So happy to hear about the sales.

    Keep up the great work.

    Love to you! Evelyn

  3. Evelyn Hollister Bicknese says:

    Hope you got my message of Congratulations and what fun it was to see your cat.

    Wonderful good news!

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