September Sailing

The seas have been silent these past two months, but now I’m back on board with what I hope is a fun update!

Last week, we went to my great-uncle Joe’s house. (He’s going on 96, and though he needs help with a few things, he’s on his feet and pretty perky!) As you may recall, I completed two paintings of Moran tugboats Joe designed; they’re hanging in his TV room. Uncle Joe lives on the water, so we got to sail his dinghy, Magatha, a few times. First time I’ve sailed a vessel in years!

Magatha 9-10-16

The photo is not particularly flattering, but the occasion reminded me of something:


Racing Pajamas without the racing or the pajamas.

Fun facts:

  • The dinghy in Racing Pajamas is modeled off the Dyer Dhow.
  • Uncle Joe’s dinghy is a Dyer, as is one of the sailing dinghies I had (and we still have) when I was little. Can you see the similarities between the boat in the photo and the illustration?
  • I got the idea to name Hattie & Aidan’s dinghy Leviathan from Uncle Joe. After my mom bought our Dyer many years ago, he said half-jokingly in his New York accent, “Oh, you ought to call it Leviathan. I think that’s a great name for a little boat!”

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Smooth sailing & happy Constitution week!