Spring 2019 Shows

I’m pleased to announce that I will participate in two outdoor fairs this spring:

Communiversity, Sunday, April 28, downtown Princeton, NJ, 1-6 pm

Handmade Hopewell, Sunday, May 5, Hopewell, NJ, 10 am-4 pm

Both are 1-day shows (a gentler introduction to showing outdoors than a 2-3 day show or a week-long art fair) and are no more than a 10-minute drive away! I look forward to the short commutes. They will be very pleasant after the many less favorable long hauls I had to attend conventions in the fall.

I haven’t done an outdoor show before, so, like the times I was preparing for my first few conventions, there is a lot to think about and do. One of the first tasks was finding a suitable tent for the space. (I bought 1 that, to my durpride ended up being nearly 60 pounds — too heavy for me to tote & put up alone! That one got returned, & I found a lighter Undercover tent. (For any artists and tent-seekers out there, it’s the 10′ x 10′ Super Lightweight Tent: https://getundercover.com/product/uc-3-10×10-super-lightweight-popup-shade-wheel-bag-spikes. I purchased it from Hayneedle.com & also a set of sidewalls for a combined total of less than $200.)

I had to do some rearranging in order to put it up. Always best to do a trial run before the event.


I’ve also been thinking about inexpensive but effective display ideas. Come back for a future post to see what I try out.