Swing into Spring with Snow-laf

It’s still wintertime, but spring semester begins again at Principia College! That means back to tutoring, evaluating, and all that other writing support, not to mention all the music, art, and story-building I fit in the rest of the day!

That also means the captain’s log will again update semi-regularly.

So, to swing into snowy spring term, I commenced another craft. Specifically, after spending nearly a week at Disney World (a great place to take a sketchbook, by the way) and hearing my brother sing “Do you want to build a snowman?” and other lines from Disney’s Frozen nigh incessantly, I asked him if he would like me to make him an Olaf to hang in his dormitory room.

Here he is. Made yesterday in the USA. It’s amazing how much lighting can affect a photograph.

PaperOlafA PaperOlafB

It can even make noses like little baby unicorns’.


And back to big again.


In fact, Olaf came out so well that I decided I would make another with the hat he wears when dancing in “In Summer” — that one will go on my brother’s dorm door, and this happy snowman will go in my office so more people can see him.