Alice’s Advancements in Painterland

Hello, everyone, especially the recent subscribers–thanks for your interest and support!

The Alice Moran painting is starting to come together. There is still quite a bit to do, of course–adding details, repainting parts of the sky & water, unifying some of the colors and values–but at least it feels like it is moving towards completion (rather than an amorphous “What do I do next?” state). Here are a couple photos showing some of the changes since the last major Alice update. The first two are close-ups of the stack; the third is a more developed version of the whole painting (as of a few days ago). Since then I have crisped up some edging, smoothed out some surfaces, and added more details.


I liked the texture and coloration of the wash (think of that as a wet, loosely applied base layer of color that you paint over to achieve different effects) of the stack enough that for a little while I did not want to paint over it at all. But on its own, it did not match the rest of the painting, so I rolled up my sleeves and slathered more paint on top, leaving a little showing through.

A few other notes before I draw this entry to a close:

Just as I used peach colors in the sky of the M. Moran painting to match the walls in the room where it hangs, I am trying to use similar blues to the big armchair that this painting will hang near.

And if you ever want to compare the M. Moran painting (or read a bit about it), it’s still viewable here:

Alternatively you can go to the Captain’s Log (accessible from the sidebar) and scroll down.

Also, I’ve been updating things around Draws the Eventide. As you explore, you may notice a few differences, for instance, that the “Pet Portraits” portfolio is now “Animal Art.” It’s still quite small but now includes a couple more pieces that are also in other sections of the website. But there will be more in it one day!

If you would ever like a drawing or painting done of one of your pets (or people friends and family), do let me know! I would be glad to create something for you!

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  1. Kent Bergeson says:

    Good job sista! 😛 Making some awesome progress 🙂

    From ur babeh bruddah

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