Almost There, Alice!

Look, Alice, you’re almost out of “I-wonder-when-I’ll-get-home” land. More directly, the Alice Moran painting is almost finished. I added the final missing details (rails, name, and a few other little things) yesterday. I’ll post a photo here of her current appearance and won’t look at it or the real thing–which has been flipped over so I don’t peek. Once I’ve had sufficient time away from it, I’ll flip the painting back over and see how finished it really is. There are already things I want to tweak, but it’s better to do it with fresh eyes.


The next time you see a new photo of this painting, it may very well be in a frame at its home port!

Alice aside, things are coming along slowly but surely with my illustration commission (the goats & pebbles book). The last images I posted from that project were sketches, so next I’ll show part of the next stage: washes. Soon enough, you’ll see a sample of a completed full-color spread.

GP_washes-8med GP_washes-7med

Other projects are moving along, too, such as Cartage. Bit by bit, the idea blooms and grows. I also have some “getting started ideas” and have begun a new little art series of caricatured/cartoon pandas. Or pundas, since wordplay is involved in these pandagrams. More on that another time.

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  1. Dad says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    Looking good ;<)

    Happy projects!

    Happy punning, too!!

    Lots of love,


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