Newsletter fix & more streaming sketches

Hi, everyone. Just a quick post to say I’ve been doing some tweaking & with the newsletter mailing list. Today when adding a new subscriber, I discovered I have to do an additional step to assign email addresses to mailings — so some of you whom I thought I had added or updated a few months ago should now actually receive updates in your inbox. (You may or may not have received a default welcome email from Draws the Eventide as a result.) Thanks for your understanding. I’m still learning how this new mail client works.

Also, welcome to the newest subscribers who signed up recently. For anyone who’d like to catch up on the latest posts, you can skim the Captain’s Log page/blog reel. The most recent posts were about using media streaming services for figure drawing practice, a purple painting of my oboe, and some animal artwork.

Where would we be if I didn’t share some art before the post ends? Here are some more “streaming” sketches described in the previous post. This week I’ve tried to do more quick gesture drawing instead of detailed rendering (though that’s there, too) and using pen to force myself to commit to the page, even if the lines end up icky.

For better or worse, there are no bad James Bond jokes in this post. 🙂

“Rock, paper, scissor…” “Shoot, you won again.”

A few notes on the next one: I ran out of blank pages in this sketchbook, so I drew on the inside cover before starting a new book. Shonen Jump is a popular Japanese comics magazine anthology. Eyeshield 21, which he is reading, is a Shonen Jump manga (and I replaced whatever the character was actually reading with that.)

“Perusing my sketchbook without permission? That’s almost as naughty as taking my Shonen Jump.”

That’s all for now. ‘Til next time. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Evelyn Bicknese says:

    Love your sketches…excellent work!

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