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There’s no question that these days, a large percent of the American population has increased media/video streaming for amusement. But how many folks have started using streaming services for figure drawing practice?

Sounds like a package deal: A bunch of complete strangers striking interesting poses under good lighting in the comfort of my home. And they can stay still as long as I want grâce à pause button.

For fun, I’ve been using old colored pencils (“old” meaning “I’ve had them since I was a kid”). They don’t always provide a good range of values (lights & darks), but using different colors from the usual pencil grays is enjoyable. I did adjust some of the scans so they show up better onscreen. Some oranges and most yellows just can’t go to the Dark Side — maybe that’s why Rey’s lightsaber is yellow at the end of The Last Jedi! Just kidding.

Sometimes, partway through a drawing, my oblique humor will surface, and I add silly comments. (They have nothing to do with the action onscreen. It’s kind of like those “add a caption to this photo” contests in magazines.) Watch out for bad James Bond jokes further down.

“Hey, Mom said I could have the last bottle of YooHoo~”
“I saw on Daniel Craigslist that you’re seeking a new James Bond actor.” (I’m a math major, so I have a perfect skill set for “Casio” Royal & Divide Another Day remakes.)
That’s enough TV for tonight. Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Sketches & Streaming

  1. Victoria Johnson says:

    Regarding your Daniel Craig comment I was watching a c1993 British tv show called a Heartbeat where a very young brooding Daniel Craig was a murder suspect. The clip featuring him is available on you tube if you want to check it out. Enjoyed your comments about being creative during this challenging time.

  2. Joanne Battista says:

    Hi, I’m a friend of your parents and attend Prin Summer Session every year – for the last 30 years! Your parents have been hosting Rackham for the last couple of years which is how we got to know them. My question is what are the BEST pencils to purchase for a beginner like me. I think MIchael’s has a good selection, but I’m never sure what to buy. Many thanks for your help.

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi, Joanne. Are you thinking of graphite pencils (regular/grays), colored pencils, or both? For colored pencils, I highly recommend Prismacolor. I’ve used them for years. (There is also a colorless burnishing pencil you can buy for blending/smoothing. It has a whitish lead.) For graphite/lead pencils, a small set of different weights is good to start with: something that has 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, and maybe a 2H. (B weights are softer lead/graphite, so they are darker as the numbers increase. H weights get harder & lighter.) I’m not too picky about the brands for these, but I have been using Staedtler Mars & Koh-i-noor sets for a while.

  3. Evelyn Bicknese says:

    Love your sketches! Thanks for sharing. Hugs…Evelyn

  4. Wally says:

    Really enjoyed the pics and discussion

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