Presidential Cabinets: Part I

Do you remember that my preview of upcoming topics (posted back in February) mentioned that there would be posts about painting cabinets with a friend? If so, cool. If not, hakuna matata–here come a lotta!  After many months, I am grateful to announce that this joint venture with fellow artist & co-worker Marissa Bunting (also a Principia art major) was completed a week ago today. After sorting through hundreds of pictures (no joke), I’m ready to show you how we went from this

–to this!

We painted 2 other cabinets not pictured here, but you will see them in future photos. The kitchen is quite large, so it’s tricky to get all the cabinet fronts in one photo. 

Wondering about the title of this post? This kitchen is in the home of the president of the organization where I work, so, you know, presidential cabinets. (Never pass up a good pun!) The building itself was purchased within the year (September 2017, I think–the current residents didn’t move in until the end of December or January). The cabinets were custom-built for the house and most of them were solid green. The president’s wife suggested the project to help lighten the room and also finish a project that was already started. One side of the kitchen already had cabinets painted with various vegetables. For example:

Why not finish the project with colorful fruit & flowers? Why not check back next time to start reading about how we did it? 😉

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  1. Dad says:

    Hi, Genevieve,

    Very nice.

    What a difference the paintings make.




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