Studio Space

Before jumping into the main topic of this post, first, thank you to everyone who attended the art show reception a week and a half ago. It was fun to see you! (And spy on those who did not notice the screen.) From what I saw out of my little digital window into Town & Country, it seemed like a decent turn-out. Gradually I’ll add images of artwork from the show to the various web galleries here.

Second, thank you to my brother for his recent tech help on my website.

As some of you know, I’m in temporary housing for 3 months at my new job. Consequently I’m learning to economize on studio space.

The room is somewhat narrow, so this corner is the best space for the project table; if it were anywhere else, I couldn’t sit at the desk or open the closet, dresser, and bathroom doors without bumping into it. There’s about a foot of space between the arm of the chair and the table, so most of the time I just sit on the arm. I can do small drawings on the desk. The lighting isn’t that great. Sometimes the sunlight comes in nicely through the window during the day, but I’m often at work then, so I’m making do with what I have. I’ve been putting sketchbooks, rulers, paint caddies, etc., under the table to keep the table top as clutter-free as possible.

I’m trying to find the balance between work, chores, art, carillon practice, etc., but I’ve managed to paint a little. I’m revisiting a character from an oil painting I did in high school. She’ll look more cartoony this time around. I’ve done several color studies in watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil. Here are the 2 I like the best (left one wins). As usual, click to enlarge.


And the painting from high school: