Today’s post features a drawing I completed for a gentleman who works Food Services at my new workplace. It was one of the best kinds of commissions:

“Will you draw me something?”

“Sure. What would you like me to draw?”

“Anything you want.”

The subject matter should come as no surprise.


The vessel depicted is modeled on the bilander, a Dutch merchant ship. I believe they were constructed during the 17th century. Bilanders are fairly small (as most merchant ships are) and bare two masts, one of which (the main mast) is rigged with a lateen sail (the angled one). This drawing was finished quickly compared to other recent commissions. I kept it fairly simple and sketchy–and tried not to get caught up in the rigging!

Christmas Canine

I looked at the calendar and decided to squeeze one more post into the year, something short and sweet. Like Coda (the resident puppy)!

So here’s a drawing of Coda (from a photograph) I gave my mother for Christmas. It was done in charcoal and colored pencil. I drew on the rough side of pastel paper to achieve the textured look. Click to enlarge.


Merry Christmas, and blessings for the new year.


Introducing Aerth

AerthP-11As briefly noted last week, I’ve joined a team that is developing a board game prototype. The game, currently called Aerth: Tides of War, is a tactical conquest game; several invented cultures and civilizations compete for territory and provisions. Some of the cultures are based on historical peoples and periods, such as the Roman empire and the Northern Renaissance, while others are more mythological in their origins, based on creatures and races, such as the giants of Scandinavian folklore. Each civilization has a series of troop tiles, eg. pikemen, knights, village levy, that advance across a system of interchangeable terrain tiles rather than a board. Think of it as a world map you can rearrange.

My task is to design the various tiles. Aside from researching medieval arms, armor, attire, and architecture (the 4 A’s) to draft troop sketches, I’ve worked mostly on sketching terrains. The first batch of tiles contains 12 different terrains (6 double-sided tiles), and I’m approaching a point where I can start color images for most of the 12. Next on the roster: the first civilization troops, based on the medieval Britons.


Pre-Thanksgiving Morsels

Instead of turkey, how would you like lamb chops and frog legs for Thanksgiving this year? Oh. Not so enthused? How about the meal menagerie before instead of for Thanksgiving? Take it or leave it–that’s what I’m serving today.

First on the menu, some lamb–a snapshot (yes, it was taken with a camera) of a scene from my latest commission, The Littlest Sheep. Our protagonist, alone, struggles against the wind and rain to climb the mountain.


Second menu item: frog legs. The first leg is that the autumn issue (37:3) of Frogpond (The Haiku Society of Ameria’s literary/poetry journal) arrived the other day, and page 40 is garnished with my first professionally published short poem:


(This is the one that rocked the poetry reading opening night of the haiku conference I attended this summer.) The second frog leg is that today I received an email accepting a haiku for the next issue, too.

Have a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving!