OKAY to Buy Racing Pajamas on Amazon

It’s been a while, but I have good news! It is okay to purchase the Kindle edition of Racing Pajamas on Amazon. I discovered that my Kindle Direct Publishing account, through which the RP eBook is available, is actually (and fortunately) a separate entity from my erstwhile Seller Account. I am grateful to have learned this (but it would have been extremely helpful if someone from the support team had told me that on the phone or had responded to my emails in the first place).

As mentioned in my post 2 months ago, the paperback edition of Racing Pajamas, as well as of Cartage, will not be available on Amazon. If you or someone you know would like to purchase either book, please contact me directly.

Look, Look, an Ebook!

I spent the last week testing Amazon’s new Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, specifically to convert Racing Pajamas into an ebook (codename: e-RP). It is now available for purchase on Amazon. Huzzah.

Fortunately, you do not have to have a Kindle to read e-RP! Amazon created an application for computers, phones, etc., to view Kindle files. Visit Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing page, scroll to “Kindle for PC/Mac” at the bottom & download the necessary file. It’s free! (And also accessible via the e-RP sale page.) Since I don’t have a Kindle (just a Kindle previewer), I’d love feedback about the real Kindle display in case I need to fix something.

At this time (and largely due to technical complications), there are no plans to sell e-RP through other venues, but I expect to utilize multiple channels for future books.

I’ve also revised my preview of Cartage (printed for the anime convention) for beta-testing/potential audience-building on the web. You can download the PDF on the Coming Soon page. It’s also on Lulu.com to (hopefully) reach a wider, unknown audience. Bread upon the waters.

Further fruitage from KawaKon: Hard to believe that was a month ago! I’m doing new digital character artwork for a visual novel called Detective Butler, created by an independent game developer, Goldbar Games. The new VN (creation in progress) will take place four years after the initial VN on the site (also free). Some credit for my new adventure goes to good ol’ Principia connections–the team lead of GG is a friend of a guy I attended Upper School with. Cue Principia’s unofficial alma mater. I’m sure you all know it. (Hint: It’s sung by dozens of dancing dolls in Disney World.)

It’s a small world after all…