Look, Look, an Ebook!

I spent the last week testing Amazon’s new Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, specifically to convert Racing Pajamas into an ebook (codename: e-RP). It is now available for purchase on Amazon. Huzzah.

Fortunately, you do not have to have a Kindle to read e-RP! Amazon created an application for computers, phones, etc., to view Kindle files. Visit Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing page, scroll to “Kindle for PC/Mac” at the bottom & download the necessary file. It’s free! (And also accessible via the e-RP sale page.) Since I don’t have a Kindle (just a Kindle previewer), I’d love feedback about the real Kindle display in case I need to fix something.

At this time (and largely due to technical complications), there are no plans to sell e-RP through other venues, but I expect to utilize multiple channels for future books.

I’ve also revised my preview of Cartage (printed for the anime convention) for beta-testing/potential audience-building on the web. You can download the PDF on the Coming Soon page. It’s also on Lulu.com to (hopefully) reach a wider, unknown audience. Bread upon the waters.

Further fruitage from KawaKon: Hard to believe that was a month ago! I’m doing new digital character artwork for a visual novel called Detective Butler, created by an independent game developer, Goldbar Games. The new VN (creation in progress) will take place four years after the initial VN on the site (also free). Some credit for my new adventure goes to good ol’ Principia connections–the team lead of GG is a friend of a guy I attended Upper School with. Cue Principia’s unofficial alma mater. I’m sure you all know it. (Hint: It’s sung by dozens of dancing dolls in Disney World.)

It’s a small world after all…


But not octoberries. Unless you enjoy autumn-flavored cephalopods. Sounds like fodder for a seasonal sushi joint.

Maybe I should start a weekly wordplay page. (Wednesdays, to triple the alliteration.) Would you enjoy that (or read in the first place)?

The end of September and consequent beginning of the august month of October have brought news and continuing progress.

Results are in for Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Racing Pajamas did not place, but I am grateful that the books will be donated to libraries somewhere. Seeds will be planted & spread abroad to work in places I know not–and yield fruit.

Project Progress:

  • Revised Antiquary synopsis
  • Began compiling Antiquary set notes
  • Started T-shirt design projects (felt ready to do something shorter-term). First subject: Jack Frost of Guardian fame. And advancing my knowledge of Photoshop along the way.
  • Read a 500+ page book on the art of Disney animation & gleaned a lot: Artistic inspiration, food for thought, ideas for creative problem-solving, insight on the film-making process, tips for drawing/composing an animation shot/sequence
  • Received final details for Terry Treble Music Adventures 1 & 2 — the books will be finished (design-wise, not print-ready) this weekend!

This, of course, is on top of a full school/teaching schedule. (Which, I triumphantly add, included designing an annotated bibliography worksheet inspired by The Legend of Zelda.) Fall break begins tomorrow afternoon — a release from academia & the perfect opportunity to accomplish much.

Tidy Tide

Spent a little time tidying up Draws the Eventide. Autumnal alternations include:

  • Streamlining my portfolio section
  • Relocating writings. At this time, it’s just art reviews, but I plan to add fiction & poetry. Short collaborative works? Inventive haiku? Story snippets? Perhaps some creative insights & clever quips to complement (or supplement? Think outside the triangle) to my current writing & teaching position. Perhaps that sort of thing could be its own corner of this site. What would you like to read?
  • Updating the Racing Pajamas page:
  1. Sneak peek (added illustrations)
  2. Activated comments!

Minna-san, ja nya! >^..^< (That’s Japunese.)


Managing the Market


After working with a customer today, I refurbished the For “Sail” page and shopping methods, thereby streamlining information and eliminating shopping cart troubles. Now all purchases on Draws the Eventide are made directly through me. (Cash, check, and credit card are all still viable payment options.) This makes it easier to do special requests such as assorted card packages (which was not possible with the shopping cart). Direct contact will also build rapport with customers and visitors like you!


Like “liking” on Facebook? Racing Pajamas is now advertised on the Youth Sailing St. Louis Facebook page. Check it out! Write a review! Hope you “like” it! 😉


If you have ideas or suggestions about ways to improve this site, upcoming books, project requests, or just think all’s swell, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

Spring Breakthrough

It’s been a bit since I last updated, but my internship & research work at school school have kept me well occupied. And I still manage to dedicate morsels time to reading and story-building.

Racing Pajamas “sails” trickle in every few weeks. The next step is to get it online. I still haven’t got the e-shopping trolley to work on this site, but, granted, I have given it minimal attention.

Spring break, though short, has provided a refreshing opportunity to focus on my own projects instead of internship & research employment. It’s not exactly a break since I am still working, but it is a welcome opportunity.

Project Progress:

  • Largely finished illustrations for the 2nd Terry Treble book (and very glad to have that big step done!)
  • Only two chapters of The Antiquary to go to read & summarize! (My My opera project — it would be fantastic and astounding to have the whole ensemble complete for a 2016 performance — 200 years after the book was published.)
  • Completed a revised draft of the otter story (more to review)
  • Generating ideas for revising my Nano-novel
  • Meager revisions begun on John Churchmouse (I hesitate to call it my next children’s book because I really do not know which of my many children’s stories will come to full bloom first)
  • Submitted RP to a children’s book contest
  • Between last night & this morning, completed a solid (nearly perfect) draft of an article

Sir Cumference wishes you a smashing Pi Day!