Spring Breakthrough

It’s been a bit since I last updated, but my internship & research work at school school have kept me well occupied. And I still manage to dedicate morsels time to reading and story-building.

Racing Pajamas “sails” trickle in every few weeks. The next step is to get it online. I still haven’t got the e-shopping trolley to work on this site, but, granted, I have given it minimal attention.

Spring break, though short, has provided a refreshing opportunity to focus on my own projects instead of internship & research employment. It’s not exactly a break since I am still working, but it is a welcome opportunity.

Project Progress:

  • Largely finished illustrations for the 2nd Terry Treble book (and very glad to have that big step done!)
  • Only two chapters of The Antiquary to go to read & summarize! (My My opera project — it would be fantastic and astounding to have the whole ensemble complete for a 2016 performance — 200 years after the book was published.)
  • Completed a revised draft of the otter story (more to review)
  • Generating ideas for revising my Nano-novel
  • Meager revisions begun on John Churchmouse (I hesitate to call it my next children’s book because I really do not know which of my many children’s stories will come to full bloom first)
  • Submitted RP to a children’s book contest
  • Between last night & this morning, completed a solid (nearly perfect) draft of an article

Sir Cumference wishes you a smashing Pi Day!

Exciting Prospects

A few developments unfolding at various paces:

1. Contemplating self-publishing Racing Pajamas — Even though it’s not yet published, but I already have a considerable sales list. There’s much research to do on the matter. Hardcover binding and quality art (especially color) reproduction are important.

2. Writing another story about otters journeying to a new home. Perhaps I’ll illustrate it in “wottercolor.”

3. Beginning the first of what may become a series of children’s novels incorporating musicology. Think American Girl, but with music history.

4. Illustrating short stories for an online music education business! The style will look more cartoony than RP.

A Mind for Mammals

Lately, my projects have focused on animals, particularly small mammals. I am pursuing pet portraits (my cats) — one drawing is nearly done — and designing an otter greeting card to be painted in “wottercolor”. While strolling around the pond this morning, I discovered a mink and its den, so mink art might be in order. Stories about otters, a church mouse, and possibly a mink are also in the works — conceptualization, really.