Spring Breakthrough

It’s been a bit since I last updated, but my internship & research work at school school have kept me well occupied. And I still manage to dedicate morsels time to reading and story-building.

Racing Pajamas “sails” trickle in every few weeks. The next step is to get it online. I still haven’t got the e-shopping trolley to work on this site, but, granted, I have given it minimal attention.

Spring break, though short, has provided a refreshing opportunity to focus on my own projects instead of internship & research employment. It’s not exactly a break since I am still working, but it is a welcome opportunity.

Project Progress:

  • Largely finished illustrations for the 2nd Terry Treble book (and very glad to have that big step done!)
  • Only two chapters of The Antiquary to go to read & summarize! (My My opera project — it would be fantastic and astounding to have the whole ensemble complete for a 2016 performance — 200 years after the book was published.)
  • Completed a revised draft of the otter story (more to review)
  • Generating ideas for revising my Nano-novel
  • Meager revisions begun on John Churchmouse (I hesitate to call it my next children’s book because I really do not know which of my many children’s stories will come to full bloom first)
  • Submitted RP to a children’s book contest
  • Between last night & this morning, completed a solid (nearly perfect) draft of an article

Sir Cumference wishes you a smashing Pi Day!