Christmas Swing

Now that Christmas break’s in full swing, it’s time to give you readers a ring! (Lest I mislead, this post has nothing to do with holiday jazz, telephones, or bells — although I did play Christmas music on the carillon a week ago.)

Work for the term (writing internship, that is — storybuilding is never done) finished last week, which means instead of squeezing story time between meetings, teaching, and rehearsals, I have to squeeze it between Christmas activities, housework, and moving the cats off the drawing board.

And there are developments! Here’s a smattering:

  • Terry Treble Music Adventures: Books I & II are in the printing queue!
  • Post-November novel “Goodness, there’s a long way to go” revision/keep writing/overhaul process has begun
  • Operation: Opera continues — and hopefully will produce a tighter version of The Antiquary
  • Preliminary work on commissioned art for Centralia Carillon

And so many more things to explore! Who knows? Maybe I’ll wade into the realm of creative non-fiction and write a collection of this Christmas season’s “everyday adventures.” Life is an adventure, after all; we just have to remember it as such.

Nano. No. 2

One month later, I survive the Titanic (Principia’s musical production this term) and win NaNoWriMo for the second year in a row. I still have lots to do to finish the story (a continuation of my first NaNoNovel last year, the premise of which I had mused but never acted upon for years), but I am more motivated — and marginally excited 😉 — to finish it this year.



Pianississimo progress-o

What well-occupied weeks have passed! At risk of sounding diaristic, I recount that I have prepared and created several writing lessons and resources, which, troth; additionally, I have practiced and performed much music.  Both disciplines hath made opportunity for storybuilding ebb — but however quietly, progress has continued. Visual development for John Churchmouse tiptoes quietly forward through the pews, and my medieval fantasy novel advances idea-wise as research occurs. Also, this afternoon it occurred to me that perhaps John Churchmouse might visit a cousin who lives behind a carillon.

Time to practice.