Goats, Boats, and Other Notes


Spent several hours this week sketching rough drafts for another illustration commission, Do You Have a Pebble in Your Pocket?, a book to teach small children counting through representation. The premise: A farm boy keeps a pebble for every goat he has in his pocket; then, when each goat returns to the barn, he places a pebble in a pouch. At the end of the day, he still has one pebble in his pocket and sets out to find the missing goat.

Here are clickable splendid scribbles of the present cover and title page designs:

GP-rd_cover  GP-rd_titlepg


Started work on the next tugboat commission. The Alice Moran is taking shape on the sketchpad. After working out a few more details and drafting a background of New York Harbor, I’ll do at least one more clean draft, then transfer to sturdier paper and bring out the paints.

If you haven’t seen the final, framed M. Moran painting (or images of the earlier stages), you are welcome skim through prior posts in the Captain’s Log (click and scroll down).

Other Notes:

At this point, Terry Treble Music Adventures I & II are still just for sale through me or MusicLearningCommunity.com staff directly. (No online order form just yet.)

I plunged into yet another revision (the fifth major one) of my opera libretto, an adaptation of The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott. Good things are happening: crisping up some dialogue, incorporating more rhymes and wordplay, and reworking some arias. It’s nearly finished!

Among other projects started and standing, fleshing out and finalizing, I began reviewing two stories I’ll intertwine for a film script. But mum’s the word for now and awhile since it’s just getting underway–that gives you incentive to come back!

2 thoughts on “Goats, Boats, and Other Notes

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    Sounds like a good mixture of projects – writing, sketching, painting, music.

    What might happen if you combined all of the various project types into a single project?



    • Genevieve says:

      Yes, it’s a good variety of activities, and depending on what I’m doing, they often occur in the same project (usually stories). All four together would certainly make for a video or live performance of some sort, conceivably a gallery opening (art on display, written descriptions and adverts, ambient music)–or something else inventive. Some children’s books also come to mind–the kind that had one or more buttons along the side. Each one played a specific sound or melody, and pictures of them within the story cued the reader to push them.

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