Racing Pajamas “Tour”

Clarion call: On Thursday, I picked up final copies of Racing Pajamas from my printer! Half a day later, I set out for the east coast on my “book tour” — delivering books to interested persons (including pre-orders) as my family traveled. For a fractal feel, I’ll add that I have had a tour within a tour. My great uncle purchased several books and, after talking it over with his Sheltie, decided to distribute them to the “dog friends” in the neighborhood because most of them have grandchildren. So, the past few days, we’ve delivered the copies, and the people have been entirely pleasant and receptive. The Spirit of charity is abroad! May it continue each day of every year.

Here Hattie looks a little like Haruto (Sakuraba from Eyeshield 21).

In the meanwhile, Terry Treble is increasing tempo (doing digital designing and editing), and a whirl of other ideas are rattling the door to get out and play, but too many at once could form a fray. Ah, all the things to do in one day.

Merry Christmas!