Willow’s Turn

The last couple of posts have been dominated by dear doggy. If Willow, the resident kitty, knew this was happening, she would surely call for more attention. In the spirit of fairness, furriness, and fun, I have completed a portrait of her, too. It is titled “Self-examination” and is a two-for-one.

1.13 Self-examination

For fun, here are process photos:

Self-exam P2

Self-exam P1

And Miss Willow’s sign of approval. Happy kitty.

Self-exam P3

Welcome, 2016

We ended 2015 posts with a puppy; we’ll begin 2016 with the same puppy! Here’s another portrait of Coda, though admittedly the painting was finished last year. Coda’s a bit younger in this one than in the drawing–maybe 3-4 months old. Besides puppy, I was interesting in painting the floor. This piece is oil on canvas board and about 8″ x 10″. It also features the largest John Hancock I’ve ever affixed to a work of art.

As usual, click to enlarge.

Coda Blue web

Christmas Canine

I looked at the calendar and decided to squeeze one more post into the year, something short and sweet. Like Coda (the resident puppy)!

So here’s a drawing of Coda (from a photograph) I gave my mother for Christmas. It was done in charcoal and colored pencil. I drew on the rough side of pastel paper to achieve the textured look. Click to enlarge.


Merry Christmas, and blessings for the new year.