Swimming in Summer Projects

It’s not until I talk to people about my projects that I realize how ambitious some of them are. For instance, the other day I tried to summarize — you see here that the key word is “tried,” which in this case really means to explain every element and how each came about — the poetical form I had developed. After about a quarter-hour, dear Gretchen told me it sounded like a perfect project for earning an MFA. (That was about a month ago.) There is some small irony that I have required myself to develop a thoroughly complicated poetical form about a thoroughly simple musical mouse.

Thus it multiplies my joy to have completed (on Wednesday) a very solid, nearly final draft of the poem — only a little editing required. Hallelujah!


(Click to make mouse materialize on megascreen.)

 In other news, I designed a shell “Just Married” sign for two friends; wedding, Terry Treble books 1 & 2 are approaching launch, The Antiquary is much shorter (by 90 pages, but could still use a trim after I actualize some arias), and watercolors are under way.