Wintry Week One

Just more than a week has passed since I came back to the bluffs at Principia College, and what a week it has been! Things are swiftly scurrying along (squirrels and shivering students as well as writing work & program development) as afternoon temperatures approach Arctic averages.

Arctic alliteration notwithstanding, this wintry Week One bore witness to several art-tic adventures.

  • Terry Treble: After examining the proof copies and consequently editing them more extensively than expected (there’s that alliteration again — I assure you it shan’t abate), Terry Treble Music Adventures Books 1 & 2 are ready for their first official print run. I’ll post details, including how to order them through, once I receive word from MLC that the books are printed and bound. In the meantime, click here for a preview.
  • Centralia Carillon: (More alliteration!) As you may know, I was commissioned by the director of Centralia Carillon to complete a drawing of the bell tower to place on their programs. After comments and clean-up, ’tis complete! Right there’s the thumbnail. (It’s larger in life, about 5″ x 9″.) CentraliaBellTower_frame
  • New projects: (Alas, less alliteration.) Illustrating a counting book for young children featuring a farm boy, goats, and pebbles.
  • Website work: (Additional alliteration!) Modified a few things and set up… *drumroll*

Captain’s Log Subscriptions! Readers can now subscribe to updates via the subscription page or the sidebar. If you subscribe, please check your email for a message from Draws the Eventide — read it and weep confirm. (Kidding about the weeping.) Cue 18th century fanfare.

Also, as articulated in a prior post, I made another paper Olaf. As promised, he dons his “In Summer” hat and carries his cane. If he’s feeling dapper, he can hang his cane on his arm. (It’s not glued.) My brother is very pleased with his happy snowman, but perhaps not the room traffic he now gets — clusters of Frozen fans knocking on his door and exclaiming. But it’s worth it.



Big post. Bigger smiles.

Tidy Tide

Spent a little time tidying up Draws the Eventide. Autumnal alternations include:

  • Streamlining my portfolio section
  • Relocating writings. At this time, it’s just art reviews, but I plan to add fiction & poetry. Short collaborative works? Inventive haiku? Story snippets? Perhaps some creative insights & clever quips to complement (or supplement? Think outside the triangle) to my current writing & teaching position. Perhaps that sort of thing could be its own corner of this site. What would you like to read?
  • Updating the Racing Pajamas page:
  1. Sneak peek (added illustrations)
  2. Activated comments!

Minna-san, ja nya! >^..^< (That’s Japunese.)


Managing the Market


After working with a customer today, I refurbished the For “Sail” page and shopping methods, thereby streamlining information and eliminating shopping cart troubles. Now all purchases on Draws the Eventide are made directly through me. (Cash, check, and credit card are all still viable payment options.) This makes it easier to do special requests such as assorted card packages (which was not possible with the shopping cart). Direct contact will also build rapport with customers and visitors like you!


Like “liking” on Facebook? Racing Pajamas is now advertised on the Youth Sailing St. Louis Facebook page. Check it out! Write a review! Hope you “like” it! 😉


If you have ideas or suggestions about ways to improve this site, upcoming books, project requests, or just think all’s swell, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

Setting up Shop

I have been working almost all afternoon and evening on getting the “For Sail” section of this site designed and functioning. Designed, yes. Functioning, no — the shopping cart and checkout functions continually refuse to behave or exist, but this matter will be rectified.

Kitty Drawings

People often tell me they want to have my cats. Now they can — in two dimensions!  This week I completed two colored pencil drawings, one of each of my cats, on view in the gallery Pet Portraits. I plan to print the art on stationary cards.

Meow. >^..^<

(That is an ASCII cat.)


Caveat: Something distorted the resolution significantly during the upload. I will fiddle and fix that next week, after I return from working during Reunion. Also, WordPress doesn’t seem to think the gallery exists, so, until then,the pet gallery


Update: The new gallery works!