Make way for the factotum

Today is one of those exceptionally frequent days when Largo al factotum is my theme song: errands, business correspondence & coordination, queries, writing assistance, cleaning work, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (May I present His Majesty, The King of Siam.) These sorts of days are especially frequent while at Principia; the Principia multi-departmental pull will recommence in a month or so.

Several checkpoints have been passed:

  1. John Churchmouse has come ’round the circle of fifths — the text is complete (as of the 10th); rough drafts have begun.
  2. Meeting this Monday to determine details about launching Terry Treble Music Adventures
  3. Largo al factotum! After trimming & cutting, a third draft of The Antiquary is ready for what may be the last read-through. (By the way, there is a barber who is somewhat a factotum in The Antiquary; his name is Caxon, not Figaro.)
  4. Ordered test samples of a new note card, “Tulip Trio.” (I considered calling it “Threelips,” but that is neither melodious nor attractive.)

Tulip Trio

In other thrilling news, my Rise of the Guardians art book arrived today! Magnificent work — an inspiration to any storybuilder.

And now, to draw my post to a rousing close–

<< Insert Rossini’s favorite coda >>

Kitty Drawings

People often tell me they want to have my cats. Now they can — in two dimensions!  This week I completed two colored pencil drawings, one of each of my cats, on view in the gallery Pet Portraits. I plan to print the art on stationary cards.

Meow. >^..^<

(That is an ASCII cat.)


Caveat: Something distorted the resolution significantly during the upload. I will fiddle and fix that next week, after I return from working during Reunion. Also, WordPress doesn’t seem to think the gallery exists, so, until then,the pet gallery


Update: The new gallery works!

A Mind for Mammals

Lately, my projects have focused on animals, particularly small mammals. I am pursuing pet portraits (my cats) — one drawing is nearly done — and designing an otter greeting card to be painted in “wottercolor”. While strolling around the pond this morning, I discovered a mink and its den, so mink art might be in order. Stories about otters, a church mouse, and possibly a mink are also in the works — conceptualization, really.